New Car Detailing

Diamon-Fusion® Automotive Windshield / Windscreen Coating Protection $160

Your “new car” may not be as new as you think. Most dealerships don’t specialize in maintaining your vehicle’s finish. Phase II offers new car detailing for Langley and the lower mainland. This service removes swirl marks from transport and dealership prep procedures. Let’s make sure your “new car” looks and feels truly new. Service includes:

  • Hand washing of the exterior
  • Cleaning of wheels and rims – with iron remover if necessary
  • Paint decontamination
  • Single stage machine polish for a “High Gloss Finish” which lasts about 1 year
  • Leather/fabric and paint protection
  • Diamon-Fusion® automotive windshield/windscreen coating protection


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New Car Detail**

Car – $690
Wagon – $749
SUV – $890*
3 Row – $949

Van-Full & Truck $999*
(6-8 hours)If you have recently purchased a new car and want a legitimate new car look and feel that will last, contact us today to schedule an appointment.* Pet hair removal and excessive soil and mud is an additional $100 which will be determined upon vehicle inspection.

** This service is for vehicles less than 1 year old with 800km or fewer.